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Welcome to Rezen Health Care

After studying modern medicine and practicing Allopathy since 2000, Dr. Madan Mohan started research in alternative methods of treatment since 2010 to find cure to chronic diseases. His observation was that in spite of development of modern science the disease incidence is growing and in spite of treatment patients are not restored to optimum health. Some thing was found to be contradictory. He communicated with doctors in various fields of alternative medicine to understand the root cause of diseases and treatment methods and underwent various courses to improve his knowledge and received training from USA.

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Our Treatment

Due to pollution of food, water and air the body is  greatly burdened with toxins and over a period of time there is accumulation of toxins in the body and these toxins cause various diseases. By activating and strengthening the detoxification process the body is cleared of toxins and the feel of well beingness returns.

By supporting the immune system body is defended form various incoming pathogens and also removes all pathogenic organism from body which causes harm to functioning of normal organs.

The root cause of various diseases is either due to lack of hormones (eg: diabetes) or imbalance of hormones (eg: PCOD). By bringing a hormonal balance and restoring the hormonal status to normal many of the disease are curable.

We at Manasa Holistic use the best quality nutritional and bio-medicines which are pure and natural substances of highest standards and these do not contain any chemicals, steroids or heavy metals and being natural are easily absorbed and utilized by the body, without any side effects. We use only those products which are approved to be safe and do not cause any harm to body.

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